Dani M Peterson Yoga and Foundation Training

Yoga is an ancient practice that is based on three principles: physical postures, breathing, and meditation. One does not need to have a particular physique or be a certain age. Yoga is for anyone and can be done anywhere.  Taking time to tend to self is vital in today's society, and with consistency, the body experiences numerous health benefits  

Classes and private sessions offered are tailored to student(s.) 

The Foundation Training program is about re-training the body to move more effectively in today's modern world. Through a series of exercises, one learns to stabilize the spine, re-balance the body, improve posture, feel stronger, develop proper movement patterns and body alignment. All this equates to moving, breathing, and living better.

Sharing the Gift of Movement ... Body, Mind, Soul and Heart

Also known as Yogic Sleep.

A Yoga Nidra session combines the benefits of meditation, relaxation and intention. Using body, breath, and awareness techniques, the body is able to deeply restore itself and find balance due to excess stress. In a Yoga Nidra the body is still and the mind is quiet. This allows space for people to move from thinking and doing to feeling and being. In this space is where intention can affect one's relationship to common stressors in life that lead to pain, tension and habits.

Foundation Training

Yoga Nidra


Live life fully and intentionally

Discover ways to de-stress

Experience relief from pain

Find balance, Feel empowered

Improve posture

Stand taller inside and out