Dani M Peterson Yoga and Foundation Training

2018 Workshops/Events/Series

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Naam Yoga AZ Center for the Healing Arts

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January 27: Intention Setting (Sankalpa) Workshop

February 24 & 25: Rest and Restore Urban Detox Weekend


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January 17: Integrative Movement 8 week Classes

January 18: De-Compress and De-Stress 6 week Series

March 1 & 8: Yoga Nidra - The Art of Doing Nothing

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1 E Continental Dr, Tempe, AZ 85281


​Wednesday Nights: Starting Jan 17

SRP Employees and family members only

​Location: PERA Club in the Yoga Room
Time: 5pm-6pm
Cost: $115

This class incorporates the fundamental principles of both Foundation Training and other functional based movement based modalaties. Students are lead through class with a focus on alignment, conscious awareness, breath work, stability, strength and balance. Sequences are carried out intentionally and at a slower pace. Modifications and props are available based on student need.

IDEAL FOR:  anyone wanting to keep the body healthy and whole; anyone struggling with postural imbalances, chronic back or joint pain, mobility issues or athletes looking to break through performance plateaus.

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN:  How to properly support and move your body, experiencing what strong dynamic posture feels like balancing tension and relaxation with breath. How to integrate your best possible posture into everything you do.

*Bring Your Own Mat if You Own One

*Space Limited to 12 people  

​Contact:  Katie A. with PERA Club to register
(602) 236-5782

Contact Dani if you have questions


1 E Continental Dr, Tempe, AZ 85281

De-Compress and De-Stress Series

6 Weeks: Thursday Nights

Starting Jan 18

SRP Employees and family members only

​Location: PERA Club in the Yoga Room
Time: 5pm-6:15pm
Cost: $120

(​​​De-Compress) Foundation Training

Develop -  Balance 
Build - Physical Strength and Mental Capacity
Improve - Posture and Mindset
Diminish - Pain 
Experience a proven way to combat stress
Feel rested, restored, and revitalized

Discover how to change movement patterns that are causing back pain and experience how to use gravity to your advantage...diminish pain and weakness...enhance your health and vitality.  Simple and effective exercises. Practical and accessible.   

(De-Stress) Yoga Nidra

Experience an effective, scientifically and statistically proven way to combat stress through a simple yet profound technique that will leave you feeling de-stressed,

rested, restored and revitalized. 

Relax the body. Quiet the mind. 

Interested in hosting a workshop?

Please contact Dani 

Classes and Workshops are tailored to meet your specific needs.  Perfect for studio, private, and corporate settings.

Transformation from the inside-out

YOGA NIDRA: The Art of Doing Nothing

Thursday Nights: March 1 and March 8, 2018

​Cost: $35

RESET and RESTORE through stillness. Nothing to do but be gently guided through a series of mindfulness techniques that bring the body into balance (homeostasis) and wholeness, body, mind, and soul. Enter an effortless state of ease. Simple to practice yet profound in impact.