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​(Vicki L. Mesa AZ) Dani is an amazing yoga instructor. She has a wonderful soothing spirit that comes thru in every class I have taken. She makes sure everyone in the class in welcome and comfortable. With her easy to understand guidance, I have learned how to relax, breath and start this wonderful journey on the mat that before I was always so afraid of trying. Thank you Dani! 

(Mary M. Mesa AZ) Her yoga classes are terrific. Just what I need to keep my body and mind in shape.  You are a very welcomed addition to our community!!

(Melanie H. Mesa AZ) I just love Yoga with Dani!   Her yoga classes are both relaxing and informative.  Dani is very knowledgable in her craft. She provides a calm voice along with quotes and sayings that soothes the mind and a witty sense of humor to boot. She pays attention to each class participant and offers alternative moves. She sincerely cares about each participant and wants everyone to get something positive from each class. 

(Sue Anne S. Mesa AZ)  Dani is an amazing teacher and her she connects well, energetically, with her students. She is very conscious of everyone's capabilities in class and teaches accordingly, giving important cues and reminders for modifications that help to avoid injury. She focuses on proper alignment and gives tender guidance in making sure we are practicing appropriately for our level of experience or if we are nursing an injury. Dani puts a lot of thought into how she will approach each class, and her spiritual teachings provide thought-provoking perspectives. I am appreciative of the "message" she conveys at each session. I always leave her class feeling a sense of renewal, along with a strength and vigor to apply "my learning" to my own situations. Dani is real and honest, and she makes me laugh. Love this woman!

(Kelly L. Gilbert AZ) I absolutely loved Dani Peterson’s Foundation Training class! Dani is a wonderful instructor and tailors her class to the unique needs of each student. She watches each person’s posture and works with any limitations a person may have. After four weeks, my back feels stronger and I have less pain!  I highly recommend Dani Peterson’s Foundation Training class.

(Melanie H. Mesa AZ) Foundation Training was new to me. I never heard about it before, but upon taking the introduction class with Dani I came away with a new ways to strengthen my back and relieve back pain. The classes began with a couple of short introductory videos and a quick anatomy lesson so we could learn what muscle groups we would be working. The classes are very informative. What I like best is that she not only gives instruction but shows alternate positions and/or uses touch to make sure you get the pose correct. She assured us that strength would come with practice. I really appreciated the flash cards of the basic poses we need to master. Dani checks in with us via email and I've never had an instructor take the time to do that kind of follow up. She really cares. 

(Phil S.G. Mesa AZ) Dani Peterson is a wonderful Foundation Training Instructor.  She is very knowledgeable about the Foundation Training exercises and has a great disposition to keep classes relaxing, fun and helpful.  I have a fairly serious issue with my lower spine which results in daily pain in my lower back and pelvis.  Dani's classes helped me alleviate a lot of the pain. I do the exercises she has taught me on a daily basis, and sometimes more than once on some days.  She checked directly with Dr. Eric Goodman, the founder of Founder Training to make sure what stretches I should or shouldn't do.  This was very helpful, and went above and beyond what I would have expected. I really like Dani's classes because she is fun to be around and very helpful with lots of one on one instruction. 

(Ann R. Queen Creek AZ) I first heard about Foundation Training from my niece.  She knew of my back troubles and suggested I take a look.  Shortly after that conversation, I went ahead and purchased Dr. Eric Goodman’s book True to Form. Having escaped back surgery (miracles do happen) and after a long stretch of time away from really any form of exercise, I knew I had to rebuild my core strength and make the necessary changes that would help support my back and give me back my life. Foundation Training just made sense, and I decided to take the next step. I found Dani on the FT website, and she is part 2 of my miracle. Dani not only taught me how to move correctly within the parameters of Foundation Training but provided an extra level of emotional support. I’m now a few months in and have seen such great progress. I am moving better and feeling better every day that passes. The time commitment is small and worth it; I try for 20 in the morning and get in another 3-4 moves before bed. My core is definitely stronger, my back discomfort minimal, and I am back to golf, biking and the gym! The exercises can be done anywhere and my friends laugh on the golf course when I do “bust a move” in order to decompress my spine. I am convinced I would not have had such success without Dani and this program! 

(Carol C. Phoenix AZ) I attended Dani's Intention Workshop a while back and recently her Ignite the Senses Women Retreat. I thought she did a beautiful job on both of them! She has a beautiful energy about her as did all the women she brought together for the retreat! It was really a very nice experience! Thank you Dani!


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