Single Private

Foundation Training or Yoga

60 min

One-on-One Sessions are tailored to YOUR specific needs. More attention and detail are given to posture and individualized modifications. This will allow you to progress on your time table and based on your uniqueness.

​For Pricing and to Schedule your Appointment​ Contact Dani

Save when you purchase a package of 4 or more sessions.

​​​​*Two Month Expiration

Save when you purchase a package of 4 or more sessions.

​*​Two Month Expiration

 Available for Foundation Training Only

45 min Session Option

*Based on Assessment

Single Private

Yoga Nidra

​60 min

A personalized session will allow you a greater opportunity to connect to

YOUR personal intention in life.

Learn how to have a right relationship with your thoughts so that you can choose to respond to life rather than be in a reactive posture. Allow the entire body system to slow down and heal. Discover how to engage in life with joy, peace and serenity.

For Pricing and to Schedule your Appointment​ Contact Dani

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*All Private Sessions and Packages are non-refundable


Single and Packages

Dani M Peterson Yoga and Foundation Training