Foundation Training showed me a way out of pain and changed my thinking  about how I choose

to move through life. 

~Dani Peterson 

Foundation Training is a safe and effective exercise program created to help people change movement patterns that lead to many of the chronic ailments commonly seen today. The simple and transformative poses are designed to naturally restore balance and stability so one can move more functionally and find relief from common back pain.

 By focusing on decompressing the spine and retraining the body to move more efficiently and effectively, the body is able to push back against gravity and the effects of today's sit-centric society. Foundation Training is about mindful movement, teaching others to live, move and breathe better and to use the body the way nature intended.  

Dr. Eric Goodman on TEDx

Addressing Chronic Pain - signs, symptoms and changing movement patterns that help you improve your life. 

Private Sessions

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 45 min | 60 min ​

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What is Foundation Training?

Dani M Peterson Yoga and Foundation Training