Yoga-Based Stress Management


BOOTSTRAP works by involving participants in an investigation of the hidden internal sources of stress while delivering proven mind-body techniques to restore a calm, relaxation to both body and mind.

The ten-week program employs weekly video lessons paired with customized daily yoga and meditation practices to help you recognize and release the tendencies of mind that can keep us stuck in the cycle of stress.

​Using a proprietary three-step Neurological Re-balancing Process, BOOTSTRAP moves beyond mere mindfulness and relaxation techniques to deliver empowering insights and practical skills to help anyone live a more fulfilling and productive life.

Best of all, the program is designed with today's busy world in mind and can be performed in less than an hour a day.

While it's true that the original BOOTSTRAP program was created to help heal military duty-related stress, the program is proven and powerful for managing stress from any source including for:

Veterans  (Free Online)          Trauma survivors               Caregivers      

Miltary family members          Students                           Mental Health Workers
First responders                     Parents                             Business Executives
Medical personnel                  Teachers                           and more...          

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