Dani M Peterson Yoga and Foundation Training



My journey began years ago out of necessity to find relief from chronic back pain and stress. Through the years I had seen countless doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors. I have had multiple x-rays, MRIs, and have tried muscle relaxers, along with over the counter and prescribed pain medications.  Nothing seemed to really offer long lasting results, until one day, when someone recommended that I try yoga.

From the moment I stepped onto the yoga mat, I knew I had stumbled onto something. Not only was I able to find my way out of chronic pain and stress,  I learned that there was so much more to this ancient practice: respite, breath work, mindfulness, peace, overall health and well being from head to toe, and community.  I was also introduced to Foundation Training, a program that teaches the body to move more effectively, powerfully, and in balance.  The exercises, developed by Dr. Eric Goodman, taught me how to stabilize the spine, re-balance the body and develop proper and functional movement patterns in today’s modern world.

Inspired by my mentors and teachers and grateful for the holistic benefits I have seen and felt in my own body, mind and heart, I chose to step out of the conventional business world and became certified to teach and share what I have learned with others.  These transformational practices provide a frame work from which I operate in all my classes and in life. My teaching style is eclectic, as I tailor classes to my students and private clients. Bringing with me my personal experience, my intention is to provide quality, experiential classes that offer insight into movement, along with practical life applications, refreshment, empowerment and inspiration. 

Sharing the gift of movement is my passion, and time spent with others moving, breathing and just being brings me great joy. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and check out my website.  Maybe one day we will meet and together we can journey down the path to self discovery and whole living. 

Jai Bhagwan (Victory to the Divine)

Dani Peterson

RYT 500 Amrit Method Yoga Teacher
Certified Amrit Amrit Method Advanced Yoga Nidra Facilitator
Certified Amrit Method Yoga Therapist

Certified Foundation Training Instructor

Certified REWIND Gold Yoga Instructor

Certified BOOTSTRAP Instructor and

​Stress Specialist

Yoga for PTSD
RYT 200